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A child like Nicky needs a hero like YOU!

Right now, somewhere in Australia, there’s a child hooked up to a life-saving machine for hours at a time, waiting for a kidney transplant. Robbed of their childhood. Living in fear.

Nicky was just seven years old when she began feeling intense stomach pain. The pain wouldn’t go away, so Alison, her worried mum, took her for more extensive tests.

The results were terrifying. Nicky has a very rare form of kidney disease.

To get the help they desperately needed, Nicky and her mum repeatedly travel from Tasmania, where they lived, to Melbourne for medical help. She constantly missed school and being away so often, it was almost impossible to make friends.

Sadly for Nicky, her story took a turn for the worse.

At 14, she needed dialysis. This meant being hooked up to a machine every night to filter her blood. What’s more, Nicky urgently needed a new kidney!

Twice, Nicky and her mum flew to Melbourne for a new kidney and twice they were left devastated when the transplants didn’t work.

Then, last Christmas, Nicky received the ultimate gift. A successful transplant of a life-changing, life-saving, new kidney.

Please, give a life transforming gift before June 30, today.
Your gift no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference.

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