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Check for kidney disease at home

We’ve developed the KidneyCheck™ program for people who are at higher risk of kidney disease

KidneyCheck™ is a quick and easy way for you to check for one of the first signs of kidney damage; through protein in your urine.

KidneyCheck™ available exclusively  at Amcal and Guardian pharmacies (click on the links to view store locators). Visit in store and ask the pharmacist for details . You’ll be advised how to use the program to check your urine and interpret the results.

You can also buy KidneyCheck™ online at Amcal.

KidneyCheck™ is the first Australian self-management program for people at increased risk of kidney disease.

Your KidneyCheck chart

If you register for the KidneyCheck™ program, this free chart is available to help you track the results and monitor your kidney health.

To order your KidneyCheck™ chart, please phone our Kidney Health Information Service on freecall 1800 454 363.

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