2017 National Kidney Kids Camp

Image: 2017 National Kidney Kids Camp

Kidney Health Australia provides special support for children living with chronic kidney disease, including an annual national camp and other activity programs. These allow children and their families to connect with others who have similar health issues and develop peer support networks.

At Kidney Health Australia, we are committed to the care and health of all Australians with kidney disease, especially children and youth undergoing the challenging transition from child to adult treatment regimes. Part of this responsibility is to ensure the best possible support is funded, informed and effective.

Kidney Health Australia is currently reviewing its conduct of Kidney Kids Capers, and we are confident the program will return better than ever in 2018. 


National Kidney Health Kid’s Camp

Tahlia's Story

Meet the incredibly courageous Tahlia, who lives with kidney disease. Tahlia and her siblings attended Kidney Health Australia’s 2015 Kidney Health Kid’s Camp, thanks to fundraising through the Kidney Kar Rally.

Tahlia originally received a kidney donation from her grandma, however that kidney has stopped functioning as it should, so she is now on dialysis. Watch the video above to learn more about what it’s like for Tahlia to live with kidney disease, and the value of Kidney Kids Camp.


About the Camp

Children living with kidney disease can often develop feelings of isolation. Kidney Health Kid’s Camps provide an opportunity for children living with kidney disease to build meaningful relationships and peer support networks with other kids facing similar challenges. The camps provide respite for parents, and offer siblings a better understanding of chronic kidney disease, and the chance to connect with other siblings of kids living with CKD.

The annual camps are held over four days, with an average of 130 participants. Kids aged from 7 to 17 years and their siblings embark on fun, confidence and connection building activities, creating valuable relationships and memories.

Paediatric health professionals ensure essential medical care is provided during the four days.

How to Apply

See how to apply below at 2018 National Kidney Kids Camp.

Volunteer at Kidney Health Kid’s Camps

Most of the volunteers who assist at our Kidney Health Kid’s Camps come from local participating universities; however, anyone can apply. If you feel you’d be an ideal volunteer, please email kids@kidney.org.au.

Please note that parents of children attending the program are not eligible to volunteer. That’s because one of the aims of the camps is to provide parents with a period of respite, while also giving their children the chance to interact freely with their peers.

All volunteers are screened and, in some cases, specially trained prior to commencement. Applicants need to register for a Queensland Working with Children Check. Read more about these checks here.

2018 National Kidney Kids Camp

2018 National Kidney Kids Camp will be held across 19–22 April at Sports Super Centre on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The camp provides children and young adults living with chronic kidney disease an opportunity to build connections and confidence, creating valuable relationships and memories. The camp also provides respite for parents, and offers siblings a better understanding of chronic kidney disease.

Paediatric health professionals ensure essential medical care is provided during the camp duration.

Kids aged from 7 to 17 years old and their siblings are invited to apply to attend 2018 National Kidney Kids Camp. To apply, parents/carers must complete five forms in conjunction with the child’s doctor.

These forms must be completed and returned together by 8 December 2017. 

The camp is free of charge, however places are limited.

Please direct questions to kids@kidney.org.au.

2017 National Kidney Kids Camp

Photos from 2017 Kidney Health Kids Camp, Gold Coast, Queensland

2017 National Kidney Health Kid’s Camp

In its 21st year, the 2017 Kidney Health Kid’s Camp took place on the 20–23 April in Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland. This year 130 Kidney Kids and their siblings, travelled from all over Australia, to enjoy four days of peer support and self-confidence building activities. The event was Harry Potter themed, and capped off by an excursion day to Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast!

Peritoneal dialysis was carried out by paediatric nursing staff on site, whilst children requiring haemodialysis treatment travelled to Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane from the Gold Coast.

“The impact meeting other "Kidney Kids" has had on Matt is astounding, and to hear him talk so favourably about his new mates after such an experience is wonderful. They are from different parts of the country, but are united in their challenges and experiences. I could not have wished for a better opportunity for him”.  - The mother of a Kidney Kid


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