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There is no doubt that carers play an invaluable role in supporting those living with kidney disease, especially those who are on dialysis, noting it is an ongoing and frequent treatment.

At Kidney Health Australia we advocate on key issues such as better financial and non-financial support for Carers, as well as policies such as Holiday Dialysis, Parking and access to respite and counselling – all which can improve the lives of those caring for people with kidney disease.

To that end, we also partner with key organisations to increase our advocacy and pursue better outcomes for carers, and carers remains a key focus of our National Consumer Council and our State Consumer Committees.

You may also wish to review the submissions on our ‘Dialysis and Support’ page, which also covers many of these issues. You can find this here.

Further information about recent announcements on health policy can be found in Media.


Kidney Health Australia welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Government’s review into Private Health Insurance.
December 2015
There are a number of issues regarding Private Health Insurance that impact upon people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and in particular people with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD).

Read the full submission here.

Kidney Health Australia Survey: Challenges in methods and availability of transport for dialysis patients
October 2014
The purpose of this survey was to describe the transport options provided by dialysis units for consumers who are unable to provide their own dialysis transport, and to outline the costs to consumers and dialysis units for these services. This analysis is important for providing information to dialysis units and is critical to Kidney Health Australia’s advocacy work regarding service gaps and/or areas of best performance in dialysis patient transport.

You can read the submission here.

Submission into interim report: A new system for better employment and social outcomes
August 2014
Kidney Health Australia welcomed the opportunity to provide input into the interim review report ‘A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes’ released by the Government on 29 June 2014. Kidney Health Australia would also welcome the opportunity to expand upon this in person, as we feel strongly there is now an opportunity to address the inequitable approach to supporting those providing episodic, but critical care, for those on dialysis and that doing so can improve social and productive outcomes.

You can read the submission here.

Kidney Health Australia Submission to Senate Inquiry on out-of-pocket medical costs in Australian healthcare
June 2014

This document outlines Kidney Health Australia’s submission to the Federal Government’s Senate Inquiry on out-of-pocket medical costs. Some of these costs for kidney consumers might be related to transport costs - to and from dialysis; home dialysis costs; and costs associated with being a live donor.

You can read the submission here.

Submission on ACT Government’s strategy for improving care and support for those living with chronic conditions
November 2012
This submission outlines Kidney Health Australia’s views and recommendations on the ACT Health Directorate’s ‘Strategy for Improving Care and Support for those Living with Chronic Conditions 2012-2017’. The submission outlines the state of kidney disease in Australia, provides specific feedback on the previous ‘2008-2011 - ACT Chronic Disease Strategy’ and comments on the six key goals and priorities outlined in the plan.

You can read the submission here.

Submission to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee – The Need for Second Line Treatments for Kidney Cancer.
October 2012
In light of our work as the national peak body for people living with kidney disease, this submission supports the view that Australians with kidney cancer should have equitable, timely access to the necessary range of subsidised treatment options available internationally, which includes both first and second line treatments for kidney cancer.

You can read the submission here.

Submission to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) Consultation Paper for the Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2013–14 .
October 2012
This submission outlines a number of points regarding the delivery of dialysis services and the current varying rates of uptake of the different modalities and settings in which it is undertaken, particularly regarding home dialysis.

We put forward the view that there should be a more holistic accounting of home dialysis, including the costs faced by people in undertaking dialysis at home, when looking to determine the ‘efficient price’ for the delivery of these services.

You can read the submission here.

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