End stage kidney disease requires dialysis as a long-term treatment. Dialysis is available as a self-managed home therapy or in a centre (dialysis unit) where health professionals perform the dialysis.

The need to travel to centre-based dialysis is a major hurdle for many Australians, particularly for elderly people and those with poor social networks or who live great distances from dialysis units.

Unlike patients who may travel every now and again for treatments of other illnesses, people who need centre-based dialysis must travel regularly – at least three times a week, every week – to stay alive.

Such regular treatments often mean reduced working hours or unemployment, an added burden on top of the other medical costs associated with dialysis.

It’s very clear that the level of financial reimbursement available to dialysis patients for travel can be a significant factor in their ongoing financial viability.

We are strongly advocating for increased transport subsidies for people on dialysis.

You can see our recent report to the Queensland Government on this issue, and other submissions, on this issue here.


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