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Our vision through partnership

As the peak body in kidney and urinary health, our aim is to advance the public health agenda through awareness, detection, prevention and management of kidney disease throughout Australia and our region.

To do so, we seek to identify and work collaboratively with a range of interested parties who share our vision.

In establishing strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical, water and other corporate organisations, we increase our capacity to propel the key kidney health issues into the public domain.

By capturing the attention of important influencers in media and political spheres, we can raise vital funds for medical research and create a sustainable platform for promoting health messages that can increase the prevention and detection of kidney disease.

We have developed a partnership strategy titled ‘Our vision through partnership’, and invite all interested organisations to be a part of this initiative and become actively involved in delivering best-practice awareness, detection and prevention programs.

Our partnership strategy is inclusive and can be tailored to suit your organisational and industry objectives, either in a specific field of interest or across a range of program areas.

Please note we do not directly host paid advertisements for any product and do not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

How to get involved 

Please contact:
Yariv Field, Kidney Health Australia
Email: Yariv.Field@kidney.org.au
Direct: 03 9674 4323
Post: GPO Box 9993, Melbourne VIC 3001

Ways you can partner with us

Delivery of health and peer support programs
Kidney Health Information Service
Consumer Participation Program
National Kidney Camps and Activities Program
Kidney Connect (Kidney Care and Peer Support)

Delivery of kidney health education and publications
Awareness-raising collateral
Health promotion literature and resources
Kidney Awareness Week
Kidney Health Education Resource Centre

Media and promotional partnerships
Joint promotional campaigns
In-kind support

Event partners
Sponsorship of events
In-kind support and gifts in kind
Staff resourcing and volunteering
Attendance at events

Core funding and organisational development
Administration funding
Staff professional development
Resources and equipment
Pro bono services

Corporate engagement programs
Angels at Work (volunteer taskforce to drive corporate engagement)
Corporate Angels volunteer program
Community Day (Angel for a Day – volunteering and team building)
Workplace giving (payroll deduction and staff fundraising)
Operation 50/50 (corporate matching gifts with staff)
Volunteer placement throughout the year and special projects
Pro bono services (Leadership Angels)

Research partnerships
Joint studies
Needs assessment and focus groups
Support for quality-improvement systems


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