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The Beccky Johns Kidney Discovery Fund

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Beccky Johns was born with infantile polycystic kidney disease, she received two kidney transplants in her short life; one in 2004 donated by her dad, Paul, which lasted four years, and the second from her mum, Sue, in 2010.

Beccky Johns was a former ‘Kidney Kid’, and benefited from Kidney Health Australia’s programs as a child and young adult. In Beccky’s later years she volunteered with the Kidney Health Australia before joining the team as an official staff member.

Beccky passed away in late November 2015 – nine weeks after she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system – and just two days after her 23rd birthday. Sadly, it was the anti-rejection medication she had been taking for her kidney transplants that triggered her cancer.

In honour of the late Beccky, The Beccky Johns Kidney Discovery Fund has been established under Kidney Health Australia Research, specifically to discover non-cancer inducing anti-rejection drugs for kidney transplant patients.

Kidney Health Australia hopes that transplant patients and their families will one day be able to celebrate the new lease on life that kidney transplants enable, without worrying about the potentially damaging side effects of transplant medications.

Donate to the ‘Beccky Johns Kidney Discovery Fund’.

To discuss how you can further support this research program, please contact fundraising@kidney.org.au.



Reno Rumble gives to Beccky’s family

Tears were flowing when Bendigo locals, Sue and Paul Johns received the phone call that their house had been chosen to be a part of the popular Australian television series Reno Rumble, which airs on the Nine Network. Their beloved 1920s weatherboard home was in no doubt in need of a refresh, but it was the timing of receiving that call that blew them away.

“Only two days prior we had our daughter, Beccky’s, funeral; she passed away from cancer which was caused by the medication she had to take after receiving a kidney transplant. Beccky had battled kidney disease her whole life and endured two kidney transplants, but at the time this all happened she was living a happy and healthy life. She fought so hard, but our beautiful Beccky was gone within weeks and it was simply heartbreaking,” Sue said.

Beccky was a fan of The Block and, whilst in the Alfred Hospital battling cancer, she had a chance meeting with contestants Dean and Shay at a nearby café. The couple, touched by Beccky’s story, felt compelled to call their good friend Scott Cam, in the hope that something could be done. Sadly, Beccky passed away last November, only two days after her 23rd birthday, and never got to see what came from that chance meeting in the café.




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