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Are you at increased risk?

Around 1.7 million Australians aged 18 years and over (one in every ten adults) have signs of chronic kidney disease.

If you know the risk factors and ask your doctor for a regular Kidney Health Check you can help detect kidney disease early and improve your outcomes.

Adult Australians are at an increased risk of chronic kidney disease if they:

  • have diabetes
  • have high blood pressure
  • have established heart problems (heart failure or heart attack) or have had a stroke
  • have a family history of kidney failure
  • are obese with a body mass index (BMI) 30 or higher
  • are a smoker
  • are 60 years or older
  • are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin
  • have a history of acute kidney injury.

To find out more about these risk factors, take the simple question-and-answer test - go to Check my kidneys.

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