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Kidney Health Youth Program Survey

Kidney Health Youth Program Survey

In Australia, around 500 young people (15 – 24 yrs) are currently receiving renal replacement
therapy and many more are living with earlier stages of chronic kidney disease.

Kidney Health Australia’s Youth program aims to assist and support young adults living with
advanced kidney disease. A key aspect of designing this program is hearing from our young
people living with kidney disease about their experiences with healthcare services and other
supporting services and resources so we can best determine how to help.

We want to hear from young people aged 15 – 24 living with kidney disease and their carers to have their say on what programs and services you would like to see rolled out. 

To achieve this the Kidney Youth and Carer Survey has been created and can be completed
simply through Survey Monkey. 

This survey is being conducted as part of Kidney Health Australia’s Youth Program national
consultation process and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

This is an opportunity to have your say, voice your opinions and give us information and
your lived experience which will assist us to support and improve services to you. This will
help us identify what is most important to you in your kidney health journey and what can be
improved to best help our young people living with kidney disease.

We are interested in the many issues experienced living with kidney disease including
navigating adolescence, moving towards self-management, transition and transfer from
children's to adult healthcare or just being a young person in the adult healthcare system.

Results will be used to identify service needs for young people living with kidney disease
and also provide a platform for representation to government and other health services.

This will also assist to inform the design and development of the Kidney Health Australia
Youth program and its associated supportive activities and resources.

We especially hope that you will leave your contact details so we can let you know the
outcomes of the survey and keep you up to date with the Kidney Youth Program, including
some of the services or activities you might like to be involved in or contribute towards.

To Start Survey: Click the link here Kidney Youth and Carer Survey.


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