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Bush Tucker in Kidney Failure and Diabetes book

This book is a helpful guide about eating Indigenous foods when you have chronic kidney disease and diabetes, especially when living in remote home country. It provides the nutritional breakdown of many Australian Indigenous foods, including animals (such as walleroo, kangaroo, possum), insects (such as moths, witchetty grubs, ants) and native fruits and vegetables, commonly known as bush tucker. 

This resource can be used to develop a renal diet using bush tucker ingredients. It is designed to support a health professional who needs to explain that when you have sick kidneys, a special diet can slow down kidney failure and limit the build-up of waste products and fluid in the body. 

If you are a health professional who needs to order a hard copy of this resource, please call our Kidney Health Information Service on 1800 454 363. This book is also available for free download here.

EON Thriving Communities  (edible gardens program)

Founded in 2005, EON is a WA based not-for-profit organisation that delivers a food and nutrition focused healthy lifestyle and disease prevention program. The Program is now established and proven in 16 Indigenous communities in Western Australia.

EON builds edible gardens in remote Indigenous schools and communities for a secure supply of fresh food, and partner with them to deliver a hands-on practical gardening, nutrition education, cooking and hygiene program.

EON’s aim is that a nutritious diet in a happy and healthy life is not limited by the lack of access to affordable fruit and vegetables in remote communities.

See more about this program here.

Kukumbat gudwan daga - Really Cooking Good Food cookbook

This cookbook contains healthy recipes for feeding ten or more people. Developing the recipes was a collaborative effort between women from the remote Aboriginal communities of the Jawoyn region with help from chef Alison Lorraine, a nutritionist with the Fred Hollows Foundation.

The recipes use local ingredients and cater for up to 100 healthy meals to improve the nutrition of people receiving meals on wheels or school lunch programs.

You can read more about this recipe book and place an order here.

Mibala wei Arts and Crafts Our Way book

A step by step guide to art and craft including equipment lists, materials, recipes for mixing dyes and many handy hints. Brought to you by the Gulin Gulin Women’s Centre and Jayne Nankivell in  conjunction with The Fred Hollows Foundation. See poster here. Purchase from  Batchelor Press or contact The Fred Hollows Foundation for more information. 

More Deadly Tucker cookbook

More Deadly Tucker Cookbook is a pictorial, practical know-how resource for the Aboriginal community; highlighting convenience, cost, and nutritional information.  

The cookbook was designed following feedback from over 100 Aboriginal people in the Perth metropolitan area. The cookbook costs $7.70 each and can be puchased by using this order form.

Thumbs Up for Healthy Tucker program

The Jimmy Little Foundation team regularly travels to Arnhem Land communities giving workshops to encourage young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make better healthy food choices and drink water instead of sugary fizzy drinks. Healthy eating dramatically reduces the incidence of chronic kidney disease, which destroys families and communities across Australia.

This innovative health education program presents a range of fun videos of songs that can be used as part of kidney education sessions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

See more about Thumbs Up for Healthy Tucker program here.

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