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Have a kidney health check

Having sick kidneys is called a ‘silent disease’ because there are often no warning signs. But the health team at your clinic can find out if your kidneys are being damaged.

A simple way for them to find out if they are in danger of being damaged, or are already sick, is to do a Kidney Health Check.

The first thing they will do is ask you how you feel and how you live. They will check your height and weight and measure the size of your waist.

Then they will:

  • take your blood pressure
  • check your blood
  • test your urine (wee).

These tests will show how well your kidneys are working.

If the health team finds everything is okay they will give you good advice about how to keep your kidneys healthy.

If they find signs that your kidneys might be sick they may arrange for you to have some other tests.

To find out more about the Kidney Health Check and its benefits, visit your health clinic.

You can also phone our Kidney Helpline on freecall 1800 454 363 or email kidneyhelpline@kidney.org.au

To share this information with your family and community, you can download this poster here.

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