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Kidney cancer resources

Kidney Cancer Resources

We are committed to providing resources free of charge to people affected by kidney cancer.

Contact our Kidney Health Information Service on 1800 454 363 to order your free printed copy of ‘My Kidney Cancer, My Health’. You can also ask any questions you may have about kidney cancer. You may also email careteam@kidney.org.au with your order.

The 'My Kidney Cancer, My Health' handbook

The 'My Kidney Cancer, My Health' handbook is designed for people diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer and their carers and focuses on helping you to understand advanced kidney cancer and its treatments.

This handbook provides information about how you can take control – how to look after yourself physically and emotionally. The chapter on support offers information on how other people in your life can help you and you can help them. The handbook also lists many useful resources that can help you through your journey with advanced kidney cancer.

My Kidney Cancer, My Health handbook is available to download here


 Kidney Cancer Fact Sheets

The kidney cancer fact sheets have been extensively updated and are written in a clear and easy to understand language. There are fact sheets covering a wide range of topics:

Kidney Cancer Support and Information Pack

A new patient resource pack containing all the kidney cancer fact sheets, the Cancer Council’s ‘Understanding Kidney Cancer’ booklet and other useful information. Please contact Kidney Health Information Service on freecall 1800 454 363 or email kidneycancer@kidney.org.au to order a free copy.

All the Kidney Health Australia kidney cancer resources have been written under the guidance of the Kidney Health Australa Kidney Cancer Advisory Board, whose members include doctors, nurses, and patient advocates.

Your Kidney Forum

This forum is for people with kidney cancer where you can share experiences, seek support, ask specific questions and share information with others. Register to join, or to post, in Your Kidney Forum here.

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