There are many different causes of kidney disease. This means that everyone’s kidney disease journey is different.

Some people require specific treatment such as dialysis or a kidney transplant fairly quickly but many never get to that stage.

While there is no cure for kidney disease, if it is found early then learning about your disease, taking prescribed medication and modifying your nutrition and lifestyle can slow the damage to your kidneys.

Living healthily with early chronic kidney disease
Reliable information about living with kidney disease can be found on this website and by contacting us or your doctor.

Among the current resources available for people newly diagnosed with kidney disease is our practical and comprehensive 'My Kidneys My Health: Living with early stage chronic kidney disease' handbook.

My Kidneys My Health - Handbook and App

 'My Kidneys My Health' handbook


The 'My Kidneys My Health' handbook focuses on helping you to understand your kidney disease. It also provides information about how you can take control - you can make lifestyle changes to slow down any future kidney damage.

This handbook also lists many useful contacts and supports that can help you through your journey with kidney disease.

‘My Kidneys My Health’ mobile phone app

Our handbook has also been recently released as a phone app. It contains the same information as the handbook, but in a more interactive format and with direct links to all support services and resources.

This portable version could be handy when explaining to family and friends about kidney disease or about the healthy lifestyle changes you wish to make, after your diagnosis of kidney disease.

The app is now available from the App Store for iTunes and Google Play Store;  ”My Kidneys My Health”. 

Later stages of kidney disease

For people who have later stages of kidney disease we recommend you:

  • Visit our ‘Treatment for kidney disease’ section of this website here.
  • Order and purchase our ‘Living with Kidney Failure: Your Extensive guide' handbook here.
  • Download any of our many free fact sheets from our Resource Library.


The My Kidneys My Health handbook was kindly supported by a grant from the John and Thirza Daley Charitable Trust who provided a Perpetual grant.

Stages of chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease progresses in stages.

Your doctor uses these stages as a guide for deciding which treatment is best for you. Treatment also depends on the cause of your kidney damage.

You can find out about the stages of chronic kidney disease here.

Links to fact sheets and other helpful information are available from our Resource Library.

Monitoring your condition

Now that you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, it is important to visit your doctor regularly for blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure monitoring and other tests as required.

This regular check is known as a kidney health check. More information about a kidney health check can be found here.

Some people also like to monitor and record their blood pressure and urine protein levels at home.

More information about monitoring your condition at home can be found here.

You may also be referred to a kidney specialist (a nephrologist). Referral to a specialist usually only occurs when your kidneys have a lot of damage or your blood pressure stays high despite treatment.

Links to fact sheets and other helpful information can be found in our Resource Library.

Become your own advocate

Amber Williamson who is a kidney transplant recipient of sixteen years, a wife and mother of two, Senior Engagement Officer in Metro South Health Queensland and a true consumer advocate for ensuring the patient voice is heard. Watch the video below as she shares her personal story of living with kidney disease and what she has learned about becoming her own advocate, navigating and coordinating treatment and care, as the ‘expert’ in her own experience.

Learning from others

It can be useful to learn from other people who are living with chronic kidney disease. In these videos you can find out about the personal journeys of life with kidney failure from Nik, Jacqui, Bassir and Tahlia. Watch them here.



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