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Live donor support

Live donor support
Many people who become living organ donors are required to take leave from work, which is often unpaid, adding further financial strain to an already stressful situation.

Support for Living Organ Donors Program

In April 2013, the Federal Minister for Health announced, in conjunction with Kidney Health Australia, a two-year pilot of the Supporting Leave for Living Organ Donors Program. The program then provided up to six weeks paid leave at the national minimum wage, for employers to pass on to eligible employees who became living organ donors.

In May 2015, the Government announced that the program will continue for another two years, with employers being reimbursed for up to nine weeks of leave  (based on a 38 hour week) of leave, at an amount up to the National Minimum Wage. In 2017 the Federal Government announced that it will continue the Support for Living Organ Donors Program for another four years, including expansion to include some out-of-pocket costs for donors, enabling donors who are not employed to participate.

This program is something that Kidney Health Australia has been advocating on behalf of, and in association with, living donors and people with kidney disease, their families and carers. 

We pay tribute to the contribution of Mr Lloyd Woodford, himself a living donor, who has campaigned for this program. It’s an initiative that will hopefully help ease the burden of those who give the gift of life, an organ donation.

To find out more about this program, or register for further information, visit the Department of Health - Leave for living organ donors webpage, or email your queries to livingorgandonation@health.gov.au

You may also be interested in the Australian and New Zealand Kidney Exchange Program (ANZKX). Find out more about the program here.

Kidney Health Australia Transplant Housing Program
We are dedicated to providing rural and regional kidney transplant patients with secure, comfortable quality accommodation where they can rest and recover from surgery or undergo dialysis training and education.

Our Kidney Transplant Houses offer the opportunity to keep families together, while easing their financial and emotional burden.

See how Kidney Health Australia supports living organ donation with our Transplant Housing program here.

Messages of support

Following the introduction of the Supporting Leave for Living Organ Donors Program, we’ve been overwhelmed with positive responses on Facebook, Twitter, by email and through calls of support.

Many people have told us how this would have made a real difference for them when they were going through the living organ donation process. Others have told us how it will hopefully make a difference in the future.

You can share your messages of support for this initiative, as well as post your live donor story and your thoughts about how this program may support you in the future. Register or log in and post your comments in Your Kidney Forum.

You may also leave a message of support on the Department for Health webpage.

For our part, we are dedicated to continuing to highlight the need for such initiatives and the ongoing support such an idea has within our kidney community.

We’ll provide your feedback to the government. Your messages of support will be important in highlighting the positive difference that better support for live donors can make on the lives of people with kidney disease, their families and carers. Read the submissions on organ donation here.

As the peak advocate for live kidney donors, we will continue to provide you with further updates as information becomes available.

Your privacy

As outlined above, the comments you post on Your Kidney Forum may be used to highlight and inform government representatives about the level of support for the Supporting Leave for Living Organ Donors Program. This process will not disclose your name, email address or information you post in the fields of status, treatment or modality. Read our Privacy Policy.

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