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Kidney disease affects people of all ages, some may grow up living with kidney disease and others are diagnosed later in life. 

For young people living with kidney disease moving from paediatric to adult health care can be a difficult period to navigate.

We're developing programs and resources to help support young people living with kidney disease. 

Kidney Youth Australia Facebook Group

Living with kidney disease can be isolating and it can be hard to find people to talk to that understand what it means to live with kidney disease.

To help Kidney Youth create meaningful connections with people that understand what they are going through, we have created a Facebook Group where any and all kidney questions are welcome. The Facebook group will be a safe place for Kidney Youth to connect, socialise and run events.

The group is moderated by Kidney Health Australia staff and trained volunteers who also live with kidney disease, we call them our Youth Champions.

Entry to the group is only available for young people aged between 15-25 years old who live with kidney disease. 

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You can also check out our other patient-led support groups here.

Hear from young people affected by kidney disease

Kidney Health Australia Ambassador, Grant, talks all things COVID-19, transplants and being a young person living with kidney disease with Kidney Youth Champions Sebastian and Chelsea.

Helpful links and contacts

Kidney Helpline

Got a kidney question? Overwhelmed? Call us!

Speak to a health professional on our Kidney Helpline, call 1800 454 363 or email Kidney.Helpline@kidney.org.au

‘My Kidneys My Health’ app

My Kidneys My Health App

The 'My Kidneys My Health' app focuses on helping you to understand your kidney disease. It also provides information about how you can take control - you can make lifestyle changes to slow down any future kidney damage.

This app also lists many useful contacts and supports that can help you through your journey with kidney disease. To download visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Kidney Transplant Xplained app

Kidney Transplant Xplained

Kidney Transplant Xplained is a free app that helps explain the kidney transplant through storytelling. It is based on the experiences of two real patients and breaks down what kidney transplants involve, from pre-transplant preparations to life post-transplant. It also includes medication logs, appointment management, the ability to choose a support person, and more.

Kidney Health Australia worked with Medicine X on this resource, designed for patients who are considering, about to get, or have recently had a kidney transplant. Kidney Transplant Xplained is available online for free via the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Key Resources

For more fact sheets and resources click here.

External weblinks

For more information from external sources, see Youth Weblinks

Get involved

Interested in hosting your own Kidney Youth Event? Want to become a Youth Champion? Get in touch!

Email our Youth Program Manager, Steve, at Stephen.Cornish@kidney.org.au or fill in your details below:


If you suspect inappropriate activity including scams or discussions that may involve illegal kidney transactions on any online, please alert the group admin as soon as possible, and email careteam@kidney.org.au or phone 1800 454 363.

Together we can help to maintain a safe online environment for the benefit of everyone living with kidney disease.

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